China is expecting its smart bike – Dubike

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While Google is working hard to bring the first unmanned car to the market, the search engine giant in China, Baidu, takes the bike to another level through Dubike, the smart bike.

The unmotorized bike is equipped with technology that sensors all the bio data and fitness data, which will be sent to a mobile app. What’s even cooler about this smart bike is that the bike is designed to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy so that you can charge your devices while riding your bike. Two birds with one stone!

Will Dubike charms the Chinese customers still remains unknown. However, we can already see how connected smart objects change our life.



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This one is for all of you tech-savvy parents out there! MonBaby is a smart baby monitor that attaches to any standard onesie, pajama, t-shirt, or any other normal baby clothes by using MonBaby’s patented MonSnap technology. MonSnap uses sensors to alert the parent that the device is properly attached to their child, or it will do the same if the device comes undone. Similar to most other wearable technologies, all information collected by the MonBaby device gets transmitted to a mobile application, which is currently available on iTunes and will be available on Google Play soon.


The app gives parents real-time analysis of their baby’s movement level, which side they are laying on, and keeps record of movement history so that parents can track long-term sleep patterns. The most important feature available through MonBaby is an audible alert that will occur if for whatever reason, the sensors believe that the baby has stopped breathing. Rather than warning parents retroactively, MonBaby takes proactive steps to alert parents even if there is the slightest negative change in breathing patterns.

Technologies such as this one are extremely valuable to society because they are actually saving lives, rather than simply providing users with random data. Hospitals may end up utilizing MonBaby (or similar devices) to ensure active monitoring of newborns, decreasing the amount of accidents that can occur.


Photo by Gizmag

Photo by Gizmag

MonBaby is available for purchase at for a cool $119.00.


How to Secure Your Internet of Things?

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We are more connected than we think and because of that, it is important to know how to secure our internet of things. The article below give insights to how we can manage connected devices properly to ensure highest privacy and ultimate data handling.

The Internet of Things includes pretty much any device capable of connecting to the Internet. The smart refrigerator is a popular example, but the category goes beyond electric appliances to include thermostats, automobiles, and wearables. Even though there is a lot of conversation about ways to bake security into these devices, the bottom line is that they are all vulnerable…read more here.


Smart Objects

With similar capabilities to the FitBit or Nike FuelBand, Carre Technologies has developed a wearable piece of technology called HexoSkin, a hi-tech fabric shirt with built-in sensors that can measure an assortment of fitness data. HexoSkin is able to measure a user’s heart rate, breathing rate, and step count.

Carre Technologies also developed a few different mobile apps that pair up with their wearable to provide users with an in-depth analysis of whatever it is they are using the device for. The main application is called HxDashboard, and is used to display the fitness data and analyze individual fitness performance. The HexoSkin contains 150 hours of data storage and is constantly in communication with all nearby mobile devices to provide real-time results.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 5.24.00 PM

This is just yet another smart object that may be used in the future for health insurance companies, or possibly by cardiologists looking to monitor patients post-surgery. With more and more devices performing similar functions, there will surely be a technology developed that combines all aspects of each device to create extremely intelligent objects with much greater potential.

Interested in purchasing one? Check out


Smart Objects

Turn off lights from your phones, turn the heater on before you reach your house, lock and unlock doors to let guests in when you are away; SmartThings is a new technology company that lets you operate things in your home quickly and conveniently from your smart phones.

Here’s a little clip of how a house equipped with SmartThings will function:


Furthermore, SmartThings will allow you to know who is going in and out of the house by showing the name of the people present. Due to constant monitoring, a home equipped with SmartThings may be able to appeal for a discount on home insurance because technically, users will be notified every time something amiss is going on in the house.

On the side note, SmartThings may make users feel uncomfortable because constant monitoring will means that a user’s privacy can be easily invaded. Would you be comfortable with devices monitoring your presence in your house? How do you think SmartThings can be improved? Let us know in the comments below!