Ring: Smart Doorbell

Smart Objects

My house is pretty big. My room is very far from the front door, and I can’t stand having to get off my couch and walk all the way downstairs just to open the door for my friend. Yeah, I’m lazy, so what? Doesn’t matter anymore, because Ring exists.

The Ring Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell that is connected to your smartphone through a mobile application. Anyone who approaches your home can now ring your doorbell, but rather than just a chime playing in the foyer of your house, the mobile app on your phone receives a notification and you can “answer your door” from anywhere. Since the doorbell features an HD camera equipped with night vision, you have the ability to receive a clear image of who is at your door at any time.

While you’re away on vacation, the doorbell will continuously record any motion that it recognizes and send it to a cloud server. Ring is not only a convenience-based smart object: If for whatever reason your home gets broken into, it also acts as an additional security measure to protect you and your family. Recordings can be viewed at any time to determine who has been to your home.

Installation is simple, the batteries are easily rechargeable, and it can be hooked up to pre-existing doorbell wirings.

Ring only costs $199 and is currently available for pre-order on ring.com.