MICA Bracelet

Smart Objects

Fashion Matters to MICA! Most wearable technology is primarily designed to provide functionality and utility to consumers, but Intel had a bit of a different idea for their new smart bracelet, known as MICA. MICA (My Intelligent Communications Accessory) will be a fashion-forward wearable device that is made with snake skin, stones and pearls, but is also an extraordinarily advanced piece of technology.

MICA comes standard with an AT&T Sim card, as well as SMS and data streaming capabilities for the first two years at no additional cost. For a small (hah!) price of $495.00, you can wear a bracelet that can access 3G radio, navigate you to destinations by integrating itself with TomTom, interface with Yelp on the go, all from a sleekly designed bracelet on your wrist.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 10.52.37 PM

To prevent an overwhelming amount of notifications and whatnot from coming through the device, you can filter out who and what pings your MICA. That way, wearing this device is purely useful to you, and not a nuisance at any point. You can preset text messages that are pre-loaded into the device (all controlled from software on the computer). This. thing. rocks. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it has a 48 hour battery life give or take a few hours depending on your usage.

It will be exclusively sold at Barney’s entering this Christmas season. More information about MICA can be found here on Intel’s website: Intel.com