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A large portion of the products that we have posted on this blog have been funded through Kickstarter projects. It should be known by all consumers that a Kickstarter marketing video and page, while impressive, do not always guarantee a satisfactory product. Let’s let the Ring by Logbar be a warning to all consumers and enthusiasts of smart products. In the video posted above, the reviewer calls customer support and reports that his product only works as desired 5-10% of the time. That is a ridiculously low percentage for functionality. And what does he hear from support? That is the average functionality of the product that consumers are experiencing. Outraged, the reviewer continues to illuminate the rest of the product’s bugs. The simple light to indicate that the product is even on does not even work most of the time. Also, the application has to be open on the phone for the finger gestures to even work. This is all in addition to the clunky design of the ring that is highly uncomfortable. The kicker? The Ring is a $260 product. Clearly, there is some risk in the enthusiasm that Kickstarter can bring to developers that aren’t capable of delivering. To sum it up, /u/kingofeggsandwiches puts it very eloquently why this whole business is risky


“Wish people would be realistic with crowd funding. It’s gone to the dogs completely because all you have to do is make some graphics and a cgi design video of some completely unrealistic product and boom cue nerds handing over a million dollars for your pipe dream. I wish people would think “is this the type of thing a small tech start up can realistically produce”, hell I see stuff on their all the time that would take multinationals like Sony or Samsung with a nigh bottomless money pit a few years of development to get right, do you think a small crew working out a garage space in San Francisco is going to do a better job?

People have become suckers for the idea that a few guys with a dream can have a bigger impact and produce something better than a billion dollar company, it’s romanticism at its worst. Crowd funding is is great for quirky small to mid level projects that naturally have a hard time getting funded for being outside the box and frankly not worth the risk from big companies. It’s not a place were serious high level projects go instead of proper investment, the people who want to do that go to real investors and get investment because their ideas are not only good but also feasible. Just look at /r/shittykickstarters to see how ridiculous it’s become.”


Point: A Sound Security Choice?

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Oftentimes when we think of connected security devices we think of Dropcam, motion sensors and other similar devices. A new Kickstarter product called Point, hopes to take the complexity out of home security by “Listening” to your house. Point is a small subtle device which finds its roots in Scandinavian design. The unobtrusive device listens to the environmental sounds of its location and pairs with an IOS or Android App.   Through it’s internet connection Point can listen for things like windows breaking, smoke alarms, or other unusual sounds. It then can notify users via its app. The device costs $59 to early backers and has already exceeded it’s $50,000 Kickstarter goal by over $100,000. Learn more about Point or even back the project by visiting it’s Kickstarter page.

Kibbi in your Cribbi

Smart Objects

These days it seems like we’ll be running out of cute names for smart objects. Of all the quirky little names for these devices, Kibbi has to be the best. It’s also a very interesting smart object with unique capabilities. It is a highly advanced home monitoring system that allows for constant surveillance and awareness of who is in a home.

It features a night vision camera, as well as speakers to communicate with members of your family and listen to music, strong security features, cloud storage, a USB port, motion detection, and customizable alerts.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.24.40 AM

This thing is just everything crammed in one little box, and a few more things on top of that. The device comes with window monitors to indicate whether or not they have been opened. This whole system is enough to keep the President of the United States safe, and for a regular home it almost seems like overkill. However, with the safety of a family, Kibbi knows that know expense should ever be spared, and no half measures should ever be taken.

The advertisement openly addresses the security concern that this blog has often expressed in regards to these smart devices entering home, and for that it does get a great thumbs up. However, the advertisement only addresses the internal security of the system, and not the possibility of an outside invasion. Nevertheless, this is a concern that faces all of these home monitoring systems and the fact that the company is one of the few attempting to address security concerns is a massive bonus.

MAID Oven – Your smart cook at home

Smart Objects

We all have that moment in the kitchen when we are trying to use our laptop or cellphone to find the recipes with our wet or flour covered fingers. Cooking can be quite stressful for a lot of us but maybe it won’t be anymore!


MAID is a smart kitchen assistant and a multifunctional oven that knows every recipe and cooks every dish. It’s connected to the internet so it can download every recipe with step to step instructions. It can be controlled by touch, voice and wave. Currently, MAID can only understand English but its developers are working on expanding its languages.

Since everyone’s taste preferences differ, MAID is programmed to save your adjustments to the recipe every time you make the dish and you will have your own unique recipe that’s tailored to your taste saved in MAID’s system.

This product has huge potential to be successful since we all have that kitchen war to fight!

MaxMyTV: A Home Automation Dashboard for Your TV

Smart Objects

Many of us are aware of the devices like Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV which use a dongle to bring smart capabilities to televisions with HDMI ports. MaxMyTV has put its own spin on these devices by releasing a smart hub that promises to put all aspects of your connected life within reach.

MaxMyTV is a Kickstarter campaign  which hopes to release an Android device which can automate your home, display security camera feeds, and even display your social media content. The brain of the device is a router like device which serves as a smart hub. When paired with matching accessories like power outlets, remote controls, and an IP camera.

As of today, the device is still short of $250,000 goal. The device is available to early backers now starting at $99.