Point: A Sound Security Choice?

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Oftentimes when we think of connected security devices we think of Dropcam, motion sensors and other similar devices. A new Kickstarter product called Point, hopes to take the complexity out of home security by “Listening” to your house. Point is a small subtle device which finds its roots in Scandinavian design. The unobtrusive device listens to the environmental sounds of its location and pairs with an IOS or Android App.   Through it’s internet connection Point can listen for things like windows breaking, smoke alarms, or other unusual sounds. It then can notify users via its app. The device costs $59 to early backers and has already exceeded it’s $50,000 Kickstarter goal by over $100,000. Learn more about Point or even back the project by visiting it’s Kickstarter page.


Wired: How Millennials Created the IOT

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Check out this fascinating opinion piece from Wired Magazine about how Millennials created the IOT.

Call them millennials, Generation Y or simply those born between 1980 and 2000, this group forms the heart of why the IoT exists – and why it will endure

Read about it here.


Smart Objects

Ever heard of the phrase “helicopter parents”? You know…those parents that seem to be watching every move their kids make no matter how old they get? Well, we’d like to introduce “Mother”, sen.se’s new smart home technology. Basically, this device comes standard with a large amount of free-standing sensors that you can attach to virtually anything in your house, making the home completely connected.

Some functions of Mother’s sensors include telling you when to water your plants, notify you of how much sleep you’re getting or how much water you’ve been drinking, moderate internal temperatures of the house, as well as notify you if somebody is home or not. All of the data gathered by Mother is easily sortable through a mobile application.

It is truly amazing how versatile this smart object is. Mother is one of many smart home devices that are currently available on the market, so it should be interesting to see who ends up on top. The privacy invasion of some of these objects can be very prevalent, but in Mother’s case, it only knows what you ask it to know, so there isn’t too much to worry about with this one.

Want to learn more? https://sen.se/store/mother/

New York City’s Payphones of the Future: Free Calls, Gigabite WiFi and More

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The payphone, once an iconic part of cities like London and New York, have gone into a steady decline with the introduction and adaptation of cell phones. The City of New York however has unveiled their ambitious plans to implement smart pay phones.

The phones, complete with digital advertising, hope to offer services like free domestic calls, giga-bite WiFi, and a touch screen. The touch screen in particular will be of great aid to tourists and will provide information like subway maps and other city services.

How will such an ambitious project be payed for? The city hopes that the sale of advertising will help pay for what would become one of the largest free public WiFi networks.

While time will tell of the project reaches fruition, New York City’s ambitious plans mark it as one of the first major US cities looking to implement smart objects on a large scale.

Product Profile: littleBits Smart Home Kit

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The New littleBits Smart Home Kit Makes It Easy to Hack Your House

With the idea of smart homes becoming more and more widespread one new kit from a company called littleBits hopes to put the smart home within reach to DIYers everywhere.

The kit comes with 14 “bits” which include temperature sensors, MP3 players and other transmitters. Among the projects included in the kit’s guides are instructions to build your own smart thermostat and other smart objects. While these smart objects are more basic, they will provide an interesting opportunity for the average consumer to explore the internet of things. The opportunities to create are endless.

The kit is already available at US RadioShack locations for $249. Learn more on littleBit’s site by clicking here.