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Dear valued readers,

As part of our digital marketing group project, this blog was set up with much excitement and passion about our two key topics : smart objects and technology industry trend. Our group aims to leverage current market information about latest smart objects and analyze their potential implications on our daily lives.

Our Fall 2014 semester is coming to an end and we would like to really thank you (all of our viewers) for giving us a chance to write interesting contents for you. We also appreciate all companies that have their products discussed in this blog. Although we will not be posting posts as regularly, we will still be posting about outstanding smart objects or tech articles occasionally so please stay tuned. Additionally, we will be accepting posts from guest writers which we will screen and publish should their content match our topics. This way, the future of smart blog will capture different valuable perspectives on smart objects, their implications and the tech industry trend.

If interested to send a submission, you can reach us at our Facebook or Twitter page:

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Once again, we thank you for your valued support. We hope that these information that we have created in the last quarter of 2014 will be of use to many of you interested in these subjects. As the future of smart objects is a topic that captivates many, we look forward to receive interesting blog post submissions from you.


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About Us

This one is for all of you tech-savvy parents out there! MonBaby is a smart baby monitor that attaches to any standard onesie, pajama, t-shirt, or any other normal baby clothes by using MonBaby’s patented MonSnap technology. MonSnap uses sensors to alert the parent that the device is properly attached to their child, or it will do the same if the device comes undone. Similar to most other wearable technologies, all information collected by the MonBaby device gets transmitted to a mobile application, which is currently available on iTunes and will be available on Google Play soon.


The app gives parents real-time analysis of their baby’s movement level, which side they are laying on, and keeps record of movement history so that parents can track long-term sleep patterns. The most important feature available through MonBaby is an audible alert that will occur if for whatever reason, the sensors believe that the baby has stopped breathing. Rather than warning parents retroactively, MonBaby takes proactive steps to alert parents even if there is the slightest negative change in breathing patterns.

Technologies such as this one are extremely valuable to society because they are actually saving lives, rather than simply providing users with random data. Hospitals may end up utilizing MonBaby (or similar devices) to ensure active monitoring of newborns, decreasing the amount of accidents that can occur.


Photo by Gizmag

Photo by Gizmag

MonBaby is available for purchase at for a cool $119.00.


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About Us, All Posts

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 2.47.44 PMThank you for visiting our blog.

The Future of Smart WordPress site is created by a team from the George Washington University School of Business based in Washington, DC. This blog is established in September, 2014 and is part of our Digital Marketing project assisted by Prof. Tom Novak. Our team is passionate to create a blog dedicated to stimulate discussions on modern smart objects and their big implications in our everyday lives.

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Alex Weihmann

Alex Weihmann-Analytics

Alex Weihmann is a senior at the George Washington University School of Business and is currently studying marketing. His particular field of interest is sports marketing with a particular emphasis on sponsorship. He enthusiastically embraces technology and is a proud proponent of devices like his Fitibit.



Verisia Angelia Lim- Administrator/Designer     

Verisia Lim is a graduating senior at the George Washington University School of  Business majoring in Marketing and International Business. She is an international student who has studied in Indonesia and Singapore before she come to the United States in pursuit of higher education. She is very passionate about figuring out the latest tech innovations in the market and is excited to share interesting smart objects that can potentially make the world a better place!


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Garrett Cottingham-Editor

Garrett Cottingham is a finance and marketing major at GW. He has written music pieces for a website in DC and is very excited to make a transition into another kind of writing. Over the past year, the privacy implications of new technology have gone from an issue he did not view as important, to what he thinks is one of the most pressing issues our generation faces. He hopes that our writing on this blog can inspire weariness and excitement simultaneously about the world we will soon be stepping into.


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Sam Cook- Co-editor

Sam Cook is a senior in the GWU School of Business, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. He was born and raised in San Diego, CA but moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue a business degree and professional opportunities. As an employee of Tesla Motors, Sam is constantly working with smart objects so he has a true passion for technological innovations. He can’t wait to share his findings with our readers!



Yangyu Su- Social Media

Yangyu Su is a business undergraduate student from China concentrating in Marketing and International Business at the George Washington University School of Business. She is an Ad fanatic and is interested in the consumer behavior of the digital world. She hopes to share some of her exciting thoughts on how the internet of things will impact people’s lives.


Disclaimer: We are a group of undergraduate students at the George Washington University. We created this blog as a team project for our Digital Marketing class with assistance from Prof. Tom Novak. Any views or opinions presented in this blog are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the George Washington University.