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China is expecting its smart bike – Dubike

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While Google is working hard to bring the first unmanned car to the market, the search engine giant in China, Baidu, takes the bike to another level through Dubike, the smart bike.

The unmotorized bike is equipped with technology that sensors all the bio data and fitness data, which will be sent to a mobile app. What’s even cooler about this smart bike is that the bike is designed to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy so that you can charge your devices while riding your bike. Two birds with one stone!

Will Dubike charms the Chinese customers still remains unknown. However, we can already see how connected smart objects change our life.

Tech Savvy Thanksgiving Countdown

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Are you counting down minutes to your Thanksgiving dinner? Although there are many things to be thankful of, preparations for a get-together can be pretty hectic. Today, we are introducing several smart apps to ensure that you have a seamless Thanksgiving day!

From guest lists, grocery lists, recipes to the best forms of entertainment while waiting for that delicious turkey to cook, we got you covered. Our top three smart apps are:

  1. Paperless Post – App to keep track, inform and lets you communicate with guests.Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 4.59.44 PM

  2. KitchenPad Timer – With so many food cooking at the same time, KitchenPad timer will help ensure you got it all under control!Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 5.00.09 PM

  3. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – Although you can’t be there, this app allows you to watch the historical parade from anywhere you are!The Thanksgiving Turkey float  during th

Check out this article for the complete lists of useful smart apps. Have a great thanksgiving and stay tuned!


Smart Objects

It has been proven over and over that human beings perform better in natural sunlight in all facets of their lives. Without natural light, our body’s rhythm gets out of synch and can eventually lead to health problems. The problem is, on average, people spend only roughly 10% of their days outside…not nearly enough to get the proper amount of natural light.

SerraView is currently developing smart daylighters that will fasten to normal windows in the same way a regular set of window shades or blinds would, but perform significantly more complex tasks. According to the product description, “Serraview harvests daylight from outside by redirecting it upward and deep into the interior of the room; providing illumination which is then diffused downward for higher levels of natural, glare-free, full spectrum lighting. All while preserving the all-important views out the window.”

There is an autonomous sun tracking system that rotates the slats to increase levels of lighting indoors. It makes adjustments according to the sun’s elevation in the sky. Additionally, a mobile application can be used to make manual adjustments to the slats as well as provide data regarding sunlight intake.

More information about SerraView can be found here on Kickstarter.


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Ever heard of the phrase “helicopter parents”? You know…those parents that seem to be watching every move their kids make no matter how old they get? Well, we’d like to introduce “Mother”,’s new smart home technology. Basically, this device comes standard with a large amount of free-standing sensors that you can attach to virtually anything in your house, making the home completely connected.

Some functions of Mother’s sensors include telling you when to water your plants, notify you of how much sleep you’re getting or how much water you’ve been drinking, moderate internal temperatures of the house, as well as notify you if somebody is home or not. All of the data gathered by Mother is easily sortable through a mobile application.

It is truly amazing how versatile this smart object is. Mother is one of many smart home devices that are currently available on the market, so it should be interesting to see who ends up on top. The privacy invasion of some of these objects can be very prevalent, but in Mother’s case, it only knows what you ask it to know, so there isn’t too much to worry about with this one.

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