Orbduino: An Internet Connected Robot

Smart Objects

With the interest we’ve seen with our post about the man who allows the internet to control his lights we thought it was only fair to include another cool interactive internet toy, Orbduino!


Orbduino is an internet connected robot which has been online for over 4 years. As the site describes:

Virtual reality just isn’t as exciting as it once was. I wanted to use technology to allow people to interact with the real world, so I’ve created a way to experience Remote Reality through Orbduino.

Orbduino allows the user to interact with objects over the web. No matter where you are in the world, you’re making real stuff happen in another place. Sure, it’s just small stuff- but still pretty cool, huh?


Just make sure to give the site a try before it goes offline for the indefinite future this Saturday November 29th. Control the robot here.


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