Smart Guns Update

Smart Objects

Networked Guns Are a Smarter Attempt to Keep Cops In Check

A California company called Yardarm hopes better keep the public and police officers safe through the creation of a “smart gun” The gun would feature a chip which could register every time a firearm was discharged. Then in turn a designated location would be notified every time a weapon was fired.

The chip is Bluetooth enabled and will fit in most already existing firearms.  Every time the gun is removed from it’s holster or fired a Bluetooth notification will be sent to the officer’s cell phone which would then send the encrypted data. This current edition is being tested at several police departments in Texas.

Future edition hope to expand upon this functionality by tracking location data and every specifics such as firing direction and trajectory. Just like Leeo, Yardarm’s new chips are using smart objects to better the world.



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