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Do you love traveling? If you do or even if you don’t, you may have encounter that exciting moment when you walk into a hotel room with a little nerve-wracking anticipation at the back of your mind about how the hotel room will looks or feels like.

Technological innovations is gravitating towards the hotel industry as they aim to make your hotel stay feels more like home. From choosing the types of wake up calls you will receive to making a request for pillows or a toothbrush with one touch, technology aims to revolutionize the way you feel staying in a hotel. Experts working on this project commented:

Welcome to today’s hotels, driven by the Internet-of-things technology, allowing it to personalize guests’ experiences. As far as it has come, it is still evolving to create an even more customized experience over the next few years.

That’s just the beginning of this high-tech hotel experience; when you leave your room, the corridors ring with the sound of crowing roosters in the morning—and hooting owls at night. Full article here.

Image via Jcress.com

This may seems a little unusual at first but almost all of the new technological inventions seems unusual when we first heard of them. As hotels are constantly fighting new competitors like airbnb, it is interesting to note that they are planning to create a competitive advantage with hopes to attract more guests passed their front doors.

What do you think about this upcoming high-tech hotel experience? Do you think they will make you feel more or less like home?


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