Megabots – Paintball Giant Robots

Smart Objects

A new interesting tech development is the Megabots, a robot that is created to enhance your paintball sporting event. The Megabots Starter Campaign is created by a team who are interested in building giant humanoid robots controlled by human drivers to take on each other in paintball arenas.

This new smart robot may change the way we play paintball forever…or paintball may not be as child-friendly of a game anymore. However, for extreme gamers, Megabots offers a new and exciting way to make one’s dream a reality. Instead of interacting with robots, one can now control his or her own robots to shoot and escape from paintballs.

Thinking of a remarkable gift for Christmas? Megabots is one that will definitely WOW everyone. Here’s a picture of how it may look under a christmas tree…wait, it has to go outside cause Megabots will not fit inside a regular house.


What do you think of the Megabots? Are you excited about it coming to a paintball arenas near you?



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