Smart Guns: A Way to keep Police in Check?

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Police officers in California and Texas have been busy testing networked guns. YardArm, a California based company has invented a chip that tracks how a police officer’s gun is being used. YardArm created a chip that goes into a firearm’s handle. This invention stores information that could prove useful in investigations and court cases.

Once set up, the chip will be connected to the internet and will be actively collecting information that includes the gun’s location and information on whether the gun has been discharged or unholstered. YardArm is also aiming to innovate the chip to track the direction in which a gun is pointing. Information obtained from the smart gun will then be forwarded to a police dispatch system and is available on connected smartphones.

“You have a social demand for smart gun technology, but not necessarily a market demand,” says Jim Schaff, YardArm’s vice president of marketing. “As a consumer product, it’s going to be a long road.”

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Although gun owners may not be very attracted to a smart gun, law enforcement shows strong interest. Smart gun is slowly gaining acceptance from the police force as they realize that information tracked can help clear them of accusations and possibly decrease litigation costs.

As more and more ordinary objects are connected to the internet, it is interesting to note the benefits that smart gun will brings. What do you think of a smart gun? How can it be improved?


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