Ramos – your time to wake up

Smart Objects

Tired of sleeping through your clocks? This time, you won’t trick Ramos just like how you would easily turn off your cellphone alarms. Ramos is your smart clock that is remotely deactivated. In order to defuse the alarm, you have to get off bed and bring your cellphone to the place where you place your beacons. That place could be your kitchen, your bathroom or your balcony.

Ramos also dedicates to create a better getting up experiences for us. It will imitates natural light and natural sounds such as birds chirping to ease our awake. Since it’s connected to other Internet of Things, including your coffee machine, it can even go beyond basics and get your coffee ready for you when you get up.

One day, waking up and rolling out of bed will no longer be a  struggle but an enjoyable process.



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