Rise of the Robot Security Guards

Technology Industry Trend

We may not be ready to see robots hanging around in our neighborhood, but they are coming. As an update to our previous post on the K5 robot created by Knightscope, MIT Technology News has just confirmed that the startup company is preparing to roll out human-size robot patrols. We think that this particular smart object has the potential to make big implications on our daily lives.

The K5 is especially designed to mimic the kind of work human security guards usually do by utilizing its cameras, sensors, navigation equipment, and electric motors. Connected to the internet, the K5 will make available crucial information in pursuit of increasing the society’s safety level. Below is a statement said about the K5 by Knightscope cofounder:

“This takes away the monotonous and sometimes dangerous work, and leaves the strategic work to law enforcement or private security, depending on the application,” Knightscope cofounder and vice president of sales and marketing Stacy Stephens said as a K5 glided nearby.

It is interesting to note the development of the K5 and how we, as the public, will respond to such development in our areas. What do you think of the K5? Are you pro or against it? Tell us more in the comments section below. You can read the full article on the K5 here.


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