MAID Oven – Your smart cook at home

Smart Objects

We all have that moment in the kitchen when we are trying to use our laptop or cellphone to find the recipes with our wet or flour covered fingers. Cooking can be quite stressful for a lot of us but maybe it won’t be anymore!


MAID is a smart kitchen assistant and a multifunctional oven that knows every recipe and cooks every dish. It’s connected to the internet so it can download every recipe with step to step instructions. It can be controlled by touch, voice and wave. Currently, MAID can only understand English but its developers are working on expanding its languages.

Since everyone’s taste preferences differ, MAID is programmed to save your adjustments to the recipe every time you make the dish and you will have your own unique recipe that’s tailored to your taste saved in MAID’s system.

This product has huge potential to be successful since we all have that kitchen war to fight!


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