The Microsoft Band Is Simply Exciting

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It seems like just a few months ago that we lived in a world without wearables. Even at the beginning of my digital marketing class this semester, it sounded odd when my professor told the class that these would soon be saturating the market. It seems that with the Microsoft Band, this movement has produced its most salient and impressive health monitor. This band can be considered the most advanced health band on the market at the moment. Like the Fitbit, it has a built in GPS and heart rate monitor. It also, as the article above mentions, has a UV ray sensor and built in stressmonitor. Microsoft, wanting to explain the versatility of the wearable, goes on to describe that the watch will be able to tell a runner whether they run faster or not after eating breakfast. If we relate this to gamification, this is approaching second level usage, with more than stats but interesting ways to put these diverse ten sensors to use.

Gizmodo’s article also mentions that Microsoft is using the Band as a way to gather health information for them to study. It’s interesting, to me, to see a company be so open in their marketing strategies in telling users that they are partially selling their product to invade their privacy. While purchasers of these bands are likely to be healthy in the first place, this may discourage unhealthy people from purchasing the product. Not wanting to be a negative statistic in some study that they do not even know is occurring, they might decide to actively seek out a wearable where their information is not being shared, or shared as blatantly.



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