Smart Hat

Smart Objects

A Futuristic ‘smart hat’ displays registration plate for cyclists is designed explicitly to bring safety to a whole new level for cyclists. The hat’s main feature being a registration plate on the back of the helmet along with an integrated camera, headlight, brake lights, indicators, drop down visor and a wiper system. The inventors design smart hat aims to combat the issue of cyclists being registered road users like car and other vehicle drivers.

Below is a sketch about the potential structure of smart hat for cyclists:

1415869795457_wps_17_The_concept_design_for_th 1415869797701_wps_18_The_concept_design_for_th

Due to its numerous functions, the designer of smart hat named Toby King claims that it is a safer alternative to regular cycling helmet. On the other hand, many are shocked by this idea and some even called this “stupid.” We think that a smart hat like this shows that technologies are gravitating towards an impressive area. However, we cannot help to comment that the idea of a wiper blade on a cycling helmet sounds a little too strange to imagine.

What are your thoughts about the smart hat? Will it be something that you are interested in or can the design be improved?


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