All-in-one home security device – Cocoon

Smart Objects

From now on, you don’t need to have your dog, HD camera, alarms and other smart devices at the same time to secure your home from intruders. You simply just need a all-in-one smart device, called Cocoon, to take all their jobs.

Subsound technology is at the core of Cocoon’s home security system. Instead of relying on security camera, Cocoon uses subsound technology to pick up any movement in your home, both normal and abnormal. If abnormal activities are detected, it will send high quality audio and video to your phone. The siren at the same time will go off and disorient the intruders.

Bearing in mind about the importance of personal data security, videos recording your home will be encrypted before they leave your house with deception keys held only on your mobile devices. Cocoon will never know your key.

Home security all in one step!




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