Fitbit Force Refugees: Meet Fitbit Charge

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Many Fitbit users of last year’s flagship model were disappointing to discover that the popular fitness tracking devices was irritating their skin and causing major rashes.  As a result the device was recalled nearly 9 months ago amid threats of class action recalls and calls for stricter regulation of the fitness tracking industry. This of course left a void for those who were committed to the Fitbit ecosystem.

After months of wait, Fitbit Force Refugees finally have their replacement: The Fitbit Charge. The Fitbit Charge has the same form factor as the Force and even shares the same charging cord design (most Fitbit devices have particular proprietary charging sockets.) Gone however is the smooth rubber finish and the nickel charging port.

Fitbit Charge (left) and last years Fitbit Force (right.) Image via TechRadar

Fitbit Charge (left) and last years Fitbit Force (right.)
Image via TechRadar

In terms of features the tracker now has the much anticipated feature of Caller ID in addition to the Fitbit Charge HR model’s addition of heart rate monitoring. All of the Force’s features seem to have crossed over to the device, but it appears that the sleep tracking may now automatically turn itself on and off versus the manual control on the Force.

The Fitbit Charge is available for $129 and the Fitbit Charge HR for $149.


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