Is the IoT Ready for a Smart Clothes Washing Machine?

Smart Objects

For college students, mothers and bachelors everywhere, one of the most dreaded days of the week is laundry day.  With the need to sort by colors, collect quarters, and carve time out of busy schedules, doing laundry is a task many of us dread. As a result, many consumers are ready for anything that will make this first world problem a little easier to cope with.

Whirlpool has heard the masses and think’s it has something that will revolutionize the our laundry routine… the $1699 Whirlpool Smart Front Load Washer. So how is a laundry machine made smart? According to Whirlpool the new machine will have features like a large color LCD screen, WiFi connectivity, and the ability to send alerts when your laundry is ready (No more need to go through the hassle of setting an Alarm!) So will this “revolutionary” smart object  change the world? According to initial reactions probably never.

image via Whirlpool

Even Whirlpool themselves don’t know where their product fits in. Chris Quatrochi, Whirlpool’s global director of user experience and connectivity has explained that they don’t really have enough information to even know what consumers want when it comes to smart appliances.

Trying to understand exactly the value proposition that you provide to the consumer…has been a little bit of a challenge

So will Whirlpool’s first foray into the IoT be a failure? According to many, the product is already poised to be one. So to all those out there dealing with the age old problem of laundry; it may take a little longer for you to get some relief.


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