Not Uber, Ubi!

Smart Objects

Ubi is a device that aims to be at the forefront of home management devices. Think of it as universal remote for you home, but instead of having to get up from your couch to find said remote, you give it a simple command to call a friend, turn on the television, or play music. While it is not the most groundbreaking innovation, it does feel like the next logical progression in home management. Readers familiar with the Iron Man series may recall Tony Stark’s self created home artificial intelligence, and the futuristic ease with which they communicated and cooperated. This dynamic seems to be the goal for Ubi. The device, following the new trend, will learn over time to be better at recognizing voices, easing the communication line between itself and humans.

There is one major drawback at the moment, and it is admirable that the company attempts to market it as a positive. The device only has a reliable radius of 8 feet. Outside of this, it can not be counted on to accurately pick up on voice commands. This limitation does not seem to be one that will be a hindrance for long, and the potential implications of this technology do more to generate excitement than this, hopefully short term, kink can negate.

 Like most home devices, connection to the internet and usage patterns will notify someone, somewhere, whether or not a home is occupied. Similar to the Prizm, it is of utmost importance that this data remains secure. While not unique to this device, it is important to recognize this factor nonetheless.



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