RoboCop to The Rescue

Smart Objects

Robot security guards may be coming to a street near you as soon as 2014 as part of “initial test deployment.” The K5 Beta, a recently-unveiled prototype from California-based company Knightscope, is an oval-shaped robot that stands at about about 5 feet tall.  The K5 will function as a robot security guards with capabilities to see, hear, touch and smell its surroundings through its onboard sensors.

According to Knightscope’s press release, the K5 can also combine its sensory data with “existing raw business, government and crowdsourced social data sets, and subsequently assigns an alert level that determines when a business, community or authorities should be notified of a concern.”

Leveraging its observation of public information and statistics it acquired, the K5 will predict when a crime is most likely to occur. When the K5 detect a crime, it will let the community know about the “incident” and let people contribute real time information.

This particular robot may spark a big controversy since the K5 will means that people’s activities will be constantly monitored by cameras which can potentially result in an invasion of public privacy. However, Knightscope has calculated that K5 operation will be substantially cheaper than employing typical security guards.

What do you think of the K5? Are you comfortable with the idea of a security robot watching you in your area?


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