With GlowCap, never forget to take prescribed medications

Smart Objects

According to Vitality, about half of the Americans are on at least one prescribed mediation. It’s common to hear people complain about forgetting to take their meds as prescribed. GlowCap is Vitality’s attempt to solve this problem for us.

GlowCap, just as its name indicates, is a cap that you put on your prescription bottle and it will glow as well as notify you by sound to remind you taking your meds. It also come with a plugin reminder light, shown as following, that you could easily plug into any outlet at you home. att-vitality-glowcaps-2It complements the cap on your bottle by glowing orange at the time of your scheduled medication. What’s more, if you still haven’t open your bottle and take your meds, GlowCap will send notifications to the GlowCap service center which will then send you emails and text messages to notify you. Surely, GlowCap will remember what we always forget!

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