Stress Relief in Just 3 Minutes: Muse

Smart Objects

We’ve touched on numerous wearable objects that are becoming an integral part of the internet of things, but this next smart object profile is a bit different: it’s not necessarily a wearable…but instead it’s a thinkable.

In so many of our lives, stress is constantly coming our way. Work, school, relationships, etc. all take their emotional toll on our brains, so stress management is key. Of course there are numerous stress relief strategies, including exercise and social interaction. This smart object, however, focuses on meditation as a primary stress reliever.

The Muse, a new wearable technology developed by InteraXon is a headband that uses 7 finely calibrated sensors to detect and measure the activity of your brain. All of your brain activity is then translated into real-time feedback on your tablet or smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. You are then provided with an audiovisual experience that assists you in calming down and managing your stress.

Who would have ever thought that a simple looking headband would have the ability to analyze your brainwaves and then reduce your stress in only three minutes?! The only unfortunate aspect of this wearable technology is its steep price tag, but surely the cost will come down just as all other technologies do.

This type of technology can be a bit scary, though. If a $300 piece of wearable technology is able to figure out how to affect your mood, soon enough there may be some worrisome marketing or privacy implications in our future. Companies could somehow integrate branding into a stress management program, or mental health professionals could possibly use this as a way to learn more about their patients.

Take a look at this video about the Muse Headband:



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