Jibo – Robot that’s part of the family

Smart Objects

For most of us, family consists of people who are closest to us: our parents, siblings and grandparents, etc. But how about a robot “who” can laugh, talk or socialize with you? It might sound a little bit futuristic and almost like a scene from the sci-fi movies. It is not anymore after you see the following youtube video about Jibo, the world’s first family robot.

Only 11 Inch tall with a round screen interface that can display simple emotions, Jibo is capable of interacting with you in a more personalized way such as greeting you when you come back home; having conversations with you while you are doing house chores. Jibo is the leader of one of the latest trends, social robot: robots that treat you as human and interact with you in a most humanized way.

The launch of Jibo sparks interests but also raised a lot of concerns people have for highly humanized intelligent robot. Non nevertheless, we have a glimpse of what the future might be with human and humanized robots living under the same roof through Jibo.


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