Can the Hapi Fork Really Make You Happy?

Smart Objects

It seems that many connected devices these days attempt to help us track our daily activities such as calories, carbs and sleep patterns. Humans are thrilled on the idea that whatever they can measure, they can improve.

Does it ever come across your mind that your fork can be connected to the internet? Hapi fork is a new smart eating utensil that will help you count bites during meals and alert you when you are eating too fast. In this case, Hapi fork is created to improve your eating speed because slower eating speed is correlated to lower obesity risk, diabetes and decreasing acid reflux.

By default, Hapi fork is set to allow one bite every 10 seconds and it will vibrate if you are eating at a faster pace. This can work just fine when you are eating alone but will using Hapi fork be just as comfortable when eating with others? A review from current Hapi fork user says that the fork vibration creates a somewhat unsettling feeling especially if it’s near your teeth.

I personally wonder if others will be able to notice or hear the vibration because it may create some embarrassment depending on who I am eating with. Here’s a little clip of how Hapi fork works. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!






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