Prizm: A learning Music System

Smart Objects
Image via Kickstarter

Image via Kickstarter

Prizm, an incredibly smart speaker system takes your music data and learns what types of music individual listeners prefer. Similar to Pandora, this speaker system will create a unique selection of music for any number of users (who are identified based on the presence of their phone in the room) and cater songs that they enjoy. Users will be able to like or skip songs, and from this mechanism the speaker over time becomes better and better at guessing music that its owners will enjoy. A very cool feature is that it will also be able to select music for more than one person, hopefully solving any fights over which music to play before they even happen. There are a number of other cool features that you can find in the video above.


As far as privacy is concerned, it is difficult to imagine there being a large uproar over their music preferences and history being stored remotely. In fact, millions of users actively seek out services that do this for them, with the largest of them being Last FM which tracks numbers of listens or artists, and songs, and matches user pages with other users who listen to similar music. However, what this device essentially does is notice when a person is home and uploads that information to the internet. The security of this information will be highly important, as the implications of stalkers or home invaders who can foreseeably be very interested in whether or not people are in their homes are very large. While I love the idea of the product and believe that it has the possibility to be a Big Bang Disruptor, I foresee myself waiting until the second generation of these devices is available, without hiccup, before purchasing one.

Prizm is just shy of reaching it’s $70,000 funding goal


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