Vive Smart Bracelet, Your New Drinking Buddy?

Smart Objects

A smart wristband called Vive might be your new drinking buddy. Vive was displayed at Microsoft’s Design Expo and its simple bracelet design looks somewhat similar to Fitbit. The way this bracelet works is it helps your friends monitor your intoxication and dehydration level.

Users would be able to sync their social media accounts to Vive. Whenever you are at events which potentially involved drinking, you could digitally link your Vive wristbands with your friends’ wristbands by creating a specific party title for the occassion. This is how Vive works:


Once digitally connected, the Vive bracelet will vibrate every so often to let you know that your friends are doing well and vice versa. A squeeze to the Vive band will let it know that your friends are safe and enjoying themselves. However, the wristband will alert others that you are unconscious or unable to respond if it detects no answer from you. Here’s a little clip of how Vive bracelets are being used in real life:

What do you think about Vive? Since Vive cannot detect its particular users, can users privacy and information be easily exploited? Let us know in the comments below.


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