Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre: Murder by Internet?

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Murder by Television?.... Murder by Internet may not be far off

Murder by Television?…. Murder by Internet may not be far off

According to a new report released by Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, the first online murder may occur before the end of this year. What does this have to do with the IoT? Smart objects are predicted to be the weapon of choice. As mentioned before, smart objects, while cutting edge offer new opportunities to those with malicious intent. This paired with the fact the industry is in it’s infancy has caused much concern after details like Shellshock emerged. In the past however concerns have been over the data collected by these devices. Now however Europol has their concerns set on the devices themselves.

The IoE represents a whole new attack vector that we believe criminals will already be looking for ways to exploit.The IoE is inevitable. We must expect a rapidly growing number of devices to be rendered ‘smart’ and thence to become interconnected. Unfortunately, we feel that it is equally inevitable that many of these devices will leave vulnerabilities via which access to networks can be gained by criminals.

So how will this crime occur? An exploding pacemaker or compromised hospital equipment? Only time will tell but one thing is for sure; as the IoT makes it’s presence known, many are wary of it’s implications.


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