Mimo – The Smart Baby Monitor

Smart Objects

Are you or someone you love suffering from mommy brain?

A turtle onesie on your loved one can monitor your baby’s sleep activity (ex. sleep status, breathing, sleeping position, live audio) and send information right to your smart phone which you can access anywhere you are connected to the internet. Who ever thought a connected device could look this cute? Plus, washing it seems like a breeze because you can easily toss this onesie in any washing machine (just remember to detach the turtle!). This is how Mimo Smart baby monitor works:


Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 12.44.28 PM


As college students without a lot of parenting experiences, we are probably not in the best position to judge how big of an implication this small device create on parents’ everyday lives. Therefore, to make the most accurate judgement on Mimo, we checked out comments and reviews on the social media about how customers are impacted by Mimo baby monitor.

From our observation, parents love this great device because they can thoroughly monitor their baby while doing some other works such as house chores, assignments and even sneaking out for a dinner date! As for privacy issues, only smartphones that are connected to the baby’s Mimo will be able to access the monitor’s information. Thus, parents can choose who they want to share this information with.

Here’s a little video of Mimo baby monitor:

How do you think Mimo can help you take care of your little ones? What potential problems Mimo may face?



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