Virtual Reality – Time travel in action

Smart Objects

One moment you are standing at the top of the clock tower in London, looking down at all the crossing streets and running cars and the next moment, you are looking out to the ocean on a beach in Hawaii, enjoying the breeze on your face. It sounds like time travel, but the whole time you are standing in a small booze with Oculus headset and headphones on.

The special technology that allows you to experience the real world environment with the help of wearables is developed by a bunch of geeks in a company called Oculus. Currently, virtual reality technology is prominently used to improve gaming experience. However, Marriott hotel is probing into the possibility of using virtual reality technology in travel industry. Imagine customers who go to the travel agency can experience different travel destinations and decide which one they want to go by wearing the Oculus headset at the travel agency.

Even though, the commercial use of virtual technology is not yet achieved. So many industries such as movie, travel and even advertising industries could potentially be revolutionized by this technology.


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