Product Profile: Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo

Smart Objects

When most people think of Smart Objects they tend to gloss over the more mundane. Sure there are other devices that are a lot more exciting than a slow cooker, but utility wise, smart appliances are hard to beat.

Building off of the already popular WeMo device line by Belkin, the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker promises to add dinner time flexibility to our busy lives.

Screenshot from the WeMo iPhone app

Screenshot from the WeMo iPhone app

Using an internet connection and matching iPhone or Android app, the Crock-Pot allows users to remotely change temperature, cooking time, and other features.

The applications for such a device can be debated however. While some will find it to be a useful tool to have a hot dinner waiting for them at home, others may look at the device as an example of technological determinism.  The big question is do you really need a smart Crock-Pot?

While this question still remains it will be interesting to see if items like this appliance lose their novelty or stay relevant. Like the countless fitness bands which have found their permanent homes in user’s draws, it remains to be seen if the same fate will come to smart appliances like the Smart Slow Cooker. The Crock-Pit Smart Slow Cooker does come with manual controls, so if users lose interest its smart functionality, a beef stew will still be in reach the old fashion way.


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