Smart Objects

Do you remember that movie called “Smart House”?  For a film produced in 1999, you have to give it some serious credit for its forward thinking.  A house that is fully connected to its owner and can make decisions/has emotions is a pretty amazing concept, but is also pretty terrifying to think about.

The directors of this film most likely had no clue that less than 20 years after its release, this concept would almost be a reality. With smart devices and applications being used more and more often, we’re not far off from having homes that speak to you, make your meals, start your car, control its temperature based on everyone’s body heat, etc.

In fact, there are companies currently designing these smart homes…one of which is Honda. Yeah, that’s right. Honda, the automobile manufacturer. This house has taken just the first step to becoming entirely “smart”, by being incredibly energy efficient and sustainable. Check out this video to learn more:


Moving forward, it is imperative that smart device manufacturers give their products the capability to be synced with others so that there is a fully integrated, central location for data to be collected and organized. Otherwise, we’ll have access to all this wonderful information that gets stuck in a particular application’s interface. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first home I purchase (10-15 years….maybe?) utilizes smart, interactive technology to make my family’s life easier, safer, or maybe even just cooler.

We’ll just have to wait and see!


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