SAM: A DIY Internet of Things

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Kickstarter is nothing new to the Internet of Things. Countless smart devices have blossomed or fell into obscurity on the popular crowd funding website. A new project out of England, called SAM (sensor actor modules), hopes to put twist by offering something never done before; a Do it Yourself smart objects kit.  The kit, which as of today has almost reached it’s £50,000 goal, combines Bluetooth enabled modules and a smart phone app.  As the team explained, “SAM is for anyone who wants to create games, products, apps, and get a head start in the Internet of Things.”

The kits are expected to range from $90 to nearly $600 and may remind somnd e of the extremely successful Raspberry Pi kits. Compared to the traditional costs of creating a smart object, SAM has the potential to lower the barriers of entry and put the IoT in the hands of almost every entrepreneur.

As devices like these become more accessible, it will be interesting to see what kind of security can be added (or will come already) with these kits. As HP found in their August study, many manufacturers of IoT devices are rushing their devices to market and ignoring vulnerabilities. As HP found, nearly 250 of the top IoT devices averaged 25 vulnerabilities. While SAM will probably be applied to more mundane tasks like keeping track of groceries and turning lights on and off, it will be interesting to see how secure the end product will be.


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