And We Thought Social Media Privacy Was Controversial

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When social media users first began to discover their data was being sold, and not technically owned by them, there was a large uproar. That uproar did not seem to stop the trend toward publicization of data. Now, as we move toward a trend in wearable that gather health data from its users, it seems more important than ever to create boundaries and to stick to them before moving forward.

People have lost potential employment over social media information, and the personal implications of what could come to be if bidders were allowed to pay for health data are potentially even more anxiety inducing. Two words. Health Insurance.

Social information was gathered and often sold to the highest bidder. Now we must ask ourselves, if a health insurance provider deems it a justifiable expense to pay for the health information from those it covers, it’s not a great leap to assume the provider would raise rates. As Varanis mentions above, HIPAA has not expressed an interest in covering these types of information, leaving them unprotected.

Will may soon live in a time where a healthy person, who eats well and simply doesn’t exercise will have to:

  1. Buy a fitness monitor if they want to afford and insurance.


2. Be forced to go for a walk at midnight to make up for a lack of steps during the day.


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