Picking a Smart Device: Balancing Privacy Concerns with Device Benefits

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Thinking about buying that shiny new Apple Watch or Aria Wi-Fi connected smart scale? Here are three questions to ask yourself before making the dive and potentially get more of what you were bargaining for.

1. Do you need the device?

Often times consumers get more caught up with the possibilities of the device, rather than their own applications. If you’re not going to monitor your home or business remotely, IP video products like Dropcam does not make sense. Furthermore the device should be able to apply naturally and provide real world benefits. As the idea of technological determinism explains, just throwing technology at something doesn’t necessarily make it better.

2. What terms and conditions apply?

When it comes to some devices, it’s not worth skipping through the terms and conditions. While the necessity to review this information may vary device to device, a good rule of thumb is that if you don’t want the info in the hands of other, you should review the terms carefully.

3. What are the Marketing Implications (and Data repercussions)

If you do decide think the data isn’t important, make sure to ask yourself if you would be okay with the possible use for your data. The data collected by Apple’s Healthkit app, developed in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic, will surprisingly be used in ways consumers might not expect. The app’s data, according to Dr John Ward, will be flow from HealthKit into Mayo app, and then deposited into the clinic’s electronic health record system


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