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One of the most exciting features of the new operating system of iPhone is its Health App.  The new Health app, along with the whole new section of various fitness and health apps provided by a range of third party developers, is said to revolutionize the health industry and the insurance industry.

Essentially, Health allows users to view their bio-statistics from a dashboard that collects and organizes the health data measured by different fitness apps, wearables and other smart devices. While the app is based upon the iOS platform, it will be tightly integrated with smart objects like such as these. Before, users have to open a certain App to see their blood pressures and open another App to see cholesterol levels. Apps that measure different bio-statistics don’t communicate with each other. Now, with the help of Health, a central control center, apps can share information between each other.

How does it change the way the insurance industry works? Life insurers measure the risks of prospective customers based on their medical records. They take a wide range of information into account when making policy decision and the health information provided by Health App could inform them any change of the health status of the users. Apple hasn’t responded to this possibility yet.

When users’ health information get to be shared between different apps, doctors and insurance company, the security issue is of concern, especially after the iCloud photo leaks of multiple celebrities recently. How could users’ information be better protected posts a challenge for Apple and developers.


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