The Ecobee 3

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Ever wonder about the easiest way to lower those expensive heating and cooling bills? You are not alone! Pricey solar panels seem to be a great long-term investment but that is until we discover the Ecobee 3, a small but smart object with big implications.

The Ecobee 3 is a smart thermostat connected to the internet that is designed to automatically maintain a comfortable room temperature for its user’s home. Because of its smart functions, the Ecobee 3 is expected to help users lower heating and cooling bills. When it is not showing users the temperature inside their house, it doubles as a weather station, showing users the upcoming forecast on its screen. A great plus!

The Ecobee 3 comes with a preprogrammed schedule that allow the device to adjust itself based on information it gathers from its occupancy sensors and users’ local weather forecast. What is most unique about this device is that it is capable of getting the most up to date pricing from your local utility companies so that it can alert users about the latest utilities rates and suggests when they can make adjustments to save money. Another interesting features is the ability to ‘link’ your Ecobee to your local contractor to allow for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.  The company remains adamant  that  linking to a contractor will not relinquish any control of the user’s system. While a compromised HVAC system may seem unimportant, it could have large implications for more sensitive environments like server rooms.

Together, these great functions add up to an estimated 23% annual savings on users’ heating and cooling bills over typical programmable thermostats. The company is pitching Ecobee 3 as a gadget that does all the scheduling for potential users, saving time and money in the process.

On the other hand, the Ecobee 3 will means that user’s utilities usage is constantly monitored. Additionally, this smart device may work against user’s wish by turning on the heater when users feel that the room is warm enough.

What is your vote on Ecobee 3? Is it helpful or will you prefer to have full control over your thermostat? Let us know in the comments section below.


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